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 Training Script

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PostSubject: Training Script   Fri Apr 05, 2013 7:04 am

Welcome to the United States Marshal Services! I am your
trainer (your name).
Before we begin I would like to go over the training rules
for this session.
1) Never BRB or AFK, doing so will resuly in failure of your
2) Refer to me as ma'am/sir
3) Wave if you have any questions

*Wait for response*

Okay, now please read ALL the yellow stickies near the
Help desk. Once you've finished please wave.

*Wait for response*

Alright I will now test you on the "Need to Know" stickie.
Who is the Founder of USM?

*Answer is SeekerofJustice*

Great! The next test will be a True or False questionare.
Please whisper me "Ready." Once you are prepared.

*Wait for response*

True or False? You should always ask for pay, rights and


True or False? You should respect all members?


True or False? You should always play with your lever at FTF?


True or False? You should never wear uniform inside base?


True or False? You should let in someone with the correct
motto and bade?


Well done! Lastly, this test will be on the commands.
Please DO these commands, do not say them.

*Wait for response*


Wonderful! You have passed the USM training. I will now teach
you how to do your job in the front desks.
1) Greet the person (be polite).
2) Tell them to change their mottos to exactly: <USM> Initate
3) Tell them to join the USM badge near the enterance.
4) Tell them to favorite/wear the USM badge.

Great. Please change your motto to:
<USM> Novice Operative <Your Tag>

*Direct them to the Black Gate*

Arrow Tell us how to make this better!
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Training Script
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